Expanding creative network

One of the intoxicating aspects of creativity is the art of collaboration.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Kelly told me she and her friend Kat were going to start a 365 photography project and post their photos on a shared blog, Two Eclipse Seasons. Each photographer has a focus, but they share a weekly theme. At the time, I didn’t necessarily think I’d be getting involved. But I’ve helped with several of Kelly’s photo shoots. Sometimes I’m just pushing the shutter button, discussing ideas or other times, getting really involved.

It’s been a fun project, and there are about 351 days to go. After helping out with a few things I realized, hey this is collaboration at it’s best; friends helping each other, creating something bigger and better than an individual would.

When they decided on a WordPress theme that had two areas for logos, I just couldn’t let my friends have a blog with placeholder images. So I whipped up a couple of images for them.

Simple stuff: the title image and the double K image. That double K image reminds me of the moon and it’s a subtle little tribute to the blog’s authors. I also created a “take the poll” image that can be updated and used when a post doesn’t have a photograph associated with it. In all the items, I didn’t want them to be distracting from the main point of the site; the photographs. I matched the colors to the theme and kept the typography light and clean. The authors are very happy with it, and so am I!


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