About Laura

Hello. I’m Laura Slipsky (pronounced slip•ski).

I have a background in designing for financial institutions, specifically credit unions, but I also have a background in roller derby. Don’t try to pin me down! I spent five years skating with the local roller derby league and hung up my skates in November 2011. It was a truly transformative and empowering experience that I still draw from and cherish.

What have other people said about me? I’ve been told I’m good at being handed a ton of information, organizing it and turning it into something that is easy to understand. I love solving problems, and design is one of the main ways that I go about it. I also am a rare designer who loves defining processes. I hear myself say somewhat regularly, “Actually, I have a presentation on that,” or “I have a spreadsheet I’ve been keeping.”

I’m also an introvert who can be something of a ham. I don’t understand the combination myself. I don’t shy away from a costume contest. Alice in Wonderland – tied first place. Eighties night – first place. David Bowie as Jareth from the Labyrinth – ok, I didn’t enter into a contest, but I felt like a winner that Halloween.

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Photo by Kelly Hurd