Felt Like It, Part 2

wreath details

I’ve made a lot of felt flowers, as is documented by these two wreaths. This is the second part in a multi-part series about my adventures in felt land. This picture looks like such a bounty of flowers.

two wreaths


These wreaths ended up being Christmas gifts for my sister-in-law and my mother. Making them wasn’t very difficult, just time consuming. They are made just as you might imagine, by wrapping yarn around a wreath form and then gluing flowers to them. I cut each flower by hand and used glue only to apply them to the wreath. They are all hand-stitched with matching thread. (I had a lot of downtime around the holidays last year.)


pink wreath details

I took two slightly different approaches to these wreaths. With the pink one, I went with the “more is more” idea. The base of the pink wreath is a straw wreath form. There is a lot of yarn wrapped around that. And there are a lot of flowers. The other wreath is a more minimal grouping of flowers, restricted to an all-red color scheme.


red wreath details

I used a foam form for the red one. This resulted in a much lighter weight wreath and a more uniform look to the exposed yarn areas.

Felt and yarntastic!

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