Every year LGFCU enters projects into the CUNA Diamond Awards, a credit union marketing competition. And they have a funny way of announcing the winners. First they tell you that you won something, but they don’t tell you which items won, what the award is, or even how many awards. So you have to either go to the award ceremony or wait until they are announced.

We knew we won at least one thing. On Sunday they were announced and on Monday I found out that the annual report I worked on last year won the top honor for our asset size, $1 billion and above, which is the largest asset size category they have. Need proof? We are way down at the bottom.

The concept of the report was on how we helped different aspects of North Carolina’s communities, by the numbers. The beginning of each section has a big bold number knocked out of a field of color. Sometimes the number represents money saved, or miles of driving saved, or how many people attended financial wellness seminars.

Screenshots and PDFs don’t really do it justice, but that’s all I have at the moment. A full PDF can be downloaded from LGFCU’s site. We used a gloss varnish on the photographs and on the fields of color throughout the report. The cover was also treated with a varnish so the lighter gray numbers were glossy. It is very subtle. And as a call to action/take away, on the interior back cover we had a coordinating magnet fugitive glued, with the message of the title repeated, “What can we do for you?”

Here are a few of the spreads.


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