‘Indifference Cards’ Printables

2013 Indifference Cards

You may recall last year I offered a set of Valentine’s, as well as some “I Hate You” cards. This year I thought about what really was the opposite of love. The answer is indifference. So what do you send to the person you really don’t think about? The person you kind of remember? Of course, in reality you send them nothing. But that’s no fun. So here are some options. And bonus: This year the cards have messages inside, too! These are big files, but totally worth it. I mean, when it comes to letting someone know you sort of remember them…um…you know, it’s like important to…try?

“You still live in that place?” PDF

“Hi, you.” PDF

I know. I know. Some of you are out there, full of hate! rage! scorn! and a need to express it. Here are a couple of cards for those of you who need to send some venom.

2013 hate cards

“When you least expect it.” PDF

“I hope you get MRSA.” PDF

Use with caution! Good luck.

‘I Hate You Cards’ Printables

After devoting a rather long entry to Valentine’s Day and love, I felt compelled to offer the counter-argument, to balance things out. Hate, the passionate fiery emotion that can eat us up from the inside, is not exactly the opposite of love, but compelling all the same.

If you feel like you’ve been neglecting that special someone who you just hate, not giving them their due attention, hand them one of these cards. And they’ll know you’ve been thinking of them…choking on their morning coffee or finding a severed rat’s head in their cereal.

Honestly, I can’t think of any good that could come from giving these to someone, but what do I know?

Button “I wish you were dead” PDF

Button “Eat dirt” PDF

But wait there’s more. See the bonus…