Still life versus real life

About five years ago I painted a series of oil still lifes on 6x6x1″ blocks of wood. After some coats of crystal clear (not an archival method, btw) and fabric backing, they’ve been looking awesome in my powder room for the past several years.

Below you can see the close-ups of each painting. If you’re wondering what you’re looking at, just hover your mouse over each image to see the photos of the real life inspiration.


In college I could see a maple tree out my dorm window and I’d watch it change colors through the seasons. This is a leaf from that tree.


I copied the grain from an unused square. Imagine my joy when I realized I still had the real piece of wood five years later.


Detail from a candle holder


A little collection of beads and shiny things


Study of a striped fabric purse


Beads, shell and shiny things


Some things change, but just a little.


Study of red glass

P.S. Thank you to Jenna Gengler for teaching me how to make sprite hovers.

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